Are you having more fun than the King of Summer?

Put away your school books and get ready for Shark Week!  Starting Aug. 10, Discovery Channel will be hosting their annual shark week marathon, just in time for a break from the back-to-school rush.  But why waste the last days of summer sun indoors?  Mix it up with your own Shark Week festivities and celebrate the new school year with ideas from the Wonder Pool family!

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Celebrate the 4th of July with Patriotic Pool Games

Just in time for the 4th of July, the Wonder Pool Co. staff has some fun, patriotic pool games for you and your family to enjoy.  Whether for the kids or for the whole family, these 4th of July games will get everyone in the patriotic spirit and make your pool-side celebration extra fun.

Kids in Swimming Pool

Paul Revere Relay

Have swimmers split into 2 or more teams of 3+ people. Line up team members with a pool noodle between each one.  The referee of the game gives the first team members in line a patriotic line – like “Let freedom ring” or “The British are coming!”  They must whisper the message through the pool noodle.  Each team member whispers it to the next.  Once the last team member hears the secret message, he or she shouts the winning line.  Whichever team’s last member shouts the message first wins!

Yankee Noodle Dandy Races

Swimmers mount pool noodles like horses and race to see who reaches the other side of the pool first.  For an added twist, turn this racing game into a trivia contest.  Ask a question related to American history, whoever reaches the determined “finish line” first gets the chance to answer it.  For this version, it’s a good idea to make the race a shorter distance.  Keep score so that whoever wins can get a special prize!

Patriotic Pool Scrabble ™

Collect sponges of red, white, and blue.  Then, write a single letter with a felt-tipped maker on each sponge.  Divide the letters between contestants and see who can spell the most patriotic words using their letters.

We hope you enjoy these pool games for the 4th of July and have a happy and safe holiday!

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Product of the Week: All Leisure Time Spa Chemicals


Spa chemicals like Leisure Time's Foam Down will keep your spa's water clean and clear.

Leasure Time’s Foam Down

Wonder Pool Company is excited to be carrying Leisure Time’s spa chemical line for our customers with personal spas or swim spas.  This week (June 23-28) receive $2 off a spa chemical purchase when you mention this ad.

From chlorinated granules to alkalinity plus, Leisure Time‘s spa chemical line has you covered.  They even have a solution for foam buildup in the spa, Foam Down.


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Product of the Week: Pool Perfect + PHOSfree


This week our Product of the Week is Natural Chemistry’s Pool Perfect + PHOSfree!  Mention this add and Wonder Pool Company will give you $3.00 off this weekly pool maintenance helper.

Poolperfect+phosfreeWhy use Pool Perfect + PHOSfree?

This pool chemical combines the enzyme power of Natural Chemistry‘s Pool Perfect with its phosphate remover, PHOSfree, to keep your pool clear and algae-free.

The Pool Perfect uses enzymes to break down oils which build up in your pool, keeping the water clear and preventing waterline rings, odor problems, and eye irritation.  Also, by removing the oils, this pool chemical works as a continuous pool filter cleaner.

The PHOSfree removes phosphates from the pool water.  Especially in agricultural areas, phosphates, which algae feeds on, can build up due to fertilizers.  This pool chemical removes the phosphates and helps prevent algae.

Natural Chemistry Pool Chemicals

Product of the Week: Salt Water Magic

Natural Chemistry Pool Chemicals


This week (June 2 – June 7) get $5 off Natural Chemistry’s Salt Water Magic when you mention this add.

 This salt pool maintenance kit comes with “Liquid Salt Water Magic” – a phosphate remover with natural enzymes – and “Cell Protector” – a metal deactivator and scale preventer which protects your generator cell.

Kids in Swimming PoolWhy do we choose Salt Water Magic?

Wonder Pool Company strives to meet the needs of our customers, whether they use a traditional chlorination system or salt water system.  We choose Salt Water Magic because it’s an easy, once-a-month treatment that helps extend the life of your salt/chlorine generator.

Make a splash with a “dive-in” movie

Looking for a great party theme?  Why not host a “dive-in” movie?  We were inspired by’s pool party ideas, and think this party theme is the perfect way for you to entertain guests.

Kids Pool Party

Starting off,you will need plenty of seating or pool floaties so your guests can relax.   Move your television outdoors or rent a projector and set up a surface to use as the screen –  this can be a light-colored sheet or even the side of your house.

Snacks are simple.  Classic drive-in treats like soft drinks, popcorn, and candy are great, no-fuss options.  Your local dollar store should have popcorn bags or buckets that will match this retro theme.  Now, narrow your theme by choosing the movie.

The Retro Drive-In Vibe

For a classic retro theme, choose a fun, B-rated film, like Beach Blanket Bingo, that will be sure to make your audience laugh.  There are plenty beach-themed classics which will match your venue, and you can play 60’s music, like the Beach Boys, before and after to add to the retro feel.

Go for the Cult Classic

You can never go wrong with Jaws. Find boogie boards at your local pool store and cut bite marks into them.  Order inflatable sharks to fill the pool.  If you have younger guests, play a game like “Humans versus Sharks” – see these instructions for a similar version of the game.

Jolly Jellyfish Pool Toy

Jolly Jellyfish Sinkers

Let the Kids Decide

If this party is for kids, try Finding Nemo.  Purchase diving sticks or other diving toys and have the kids find their own “Nemo.”  Collect a variety of toy sea creatures, like Melissa and Doug’s Jolly Jellyfish Sinkers, so they can identify their favorite characters.

Whichever movie you decide to show, you’re party is sure to be a fun break from the summer heat.  Don’t forget to ask your local pool store how you can get your pool ready for the event.


Product of the Week: All Melissa and Doug Products


Melissa and Doug logo

This week’s Product of the Week is our Melissa and Doug toys!  From now until June 15, all sand and water toys in the Melissa and Doug’s Sunny Patch collection are Buy 2 get 1 free!

Maddie and her Flex Octopus Chair

Maddie and her Flex Octopus Chair

Wonder Pool Company loves to meet all your pool needs and we’re excited to have Melissa and Doug joining  our family.  Melissa and Doug  design their toys to be fun and educational, and the Sunny Patch collection is perfect for encouraging your little ones to have fun outside.

Visit us and check out our selection of pool toys, from the Spark Shark Fish Hunt to the Maritime Mates Boat Parade.

Spark Shark Fish Hunt Pool ToyMaritime Mates Boat Parade Pool Toy

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May 2014 is National Water Safety Month


NationalWaterSafetyMonthLogoMay is National Water Safety Month, and Wonder Pool Company is excited to promote safe and fun swimming with pool lovers across the nation.  We’ve already had the opportunity to meet some young swimmers who signed the “I’m a Safe Swimmer Pledge” and will be providing safe swimming resources for the rest of the month.

There are a few basic swimming rules, provided by the NWSM Site, which will keep all of your swimmers safe.

  • Braxton Dunn took the "I'm a Safe Swimmer Pledge"

    Braxton Dunn took the “I’m a Safe Swimmer Pledge”

    Learn to swim well.

  • Always closely supervise children whenever they are near any body of water.
  • Weak or inexperienced swimmers should wear U. S. Coast Guard-approved life jackets anytime they’re around water.
  • Know how to respond to an emergency (including lifesaving CPR skills), how to tell if a swimmer is in distress or is drowning, and how and when to call for emergency help.  If you have a pool or hot tub, keep lifesaving gear handy.
  • Always have on hand a ring buoy, life jackets, rope, pole or other object that can be used to help a person in trouble.
  • Be sure to have a first aid kit, cordless phone and emergency contact information by the pool

For those in our area, the Paragould Community Center will be offering swimming lessons in June and July for ages 2 and up.  There are four swimming lesson sessions:  June 9-19, June 23-July 3, July 7-17, and July 21-31.   Call (870)239-7530 for more information.

For more safe swimming tips and resources, check out National Water Safety Month’s site.

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Product of the Week: Sea Klear 90-Day Algae Prevention and Remover

Sea Klear LogoWonder Pool Company is proud to offer you quality pool chemicals so you spend less time on pool maintenance and more time on summer fun.  This week’s Product of the Week is Sea Klear‘s 90-Day Algae Prevention & Removal, just in time to open your pool.  We’ve found Sea Klear’s product to be one of the most effective pool algaecides on the market.  Mention this ad, and Wonder Pool Co. will give you $3.00 off this trusted algaecide.

Sea Klear Algaecide

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